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Ballots Damaged Due to Ink Leaking

AHAD NEWSMember of the East Nusa Tenggara General Election Commission (KPU) Yosafat Koli said that ballot damage had occurred in a number of districts in NTT due to exposure to ink seepage.

"The majority of the damaged ballot paper is caused more by ink spills so it seeps," he said in Kupang on Monday (3/18).

This was conveyed in connection with many ballots damaged when sent to a number of Regency KPU in East Nusa Tenggara Province.

The two municipal districts that have been recorded as having damaged ballots are Kota Kupang and Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS).

Jehoshaphat suspected that the ink seepage occurred during ballot printing, so it was not due to ink spills during the ballot mail delivery.

He added that the shortage of ballots due to damage is currently being coordinated with the Central KPU in Jakarta so that they are immediately sent so that the damaged ones are replaced as soon as possible.

"We make sure that the replacement of the damaged ballots will be quickly replaced by the KPU RI," he said.

Earlier, NTT KPU Chairman Thomas Dohu said that approximately 67,100 ballots in Timor Tengah Selatan District (TTS) were damaged due to ink seepage.

"There are approximately 22 percent of the damaged ballots from the total voters in the TTS of 305,000. It means that there are around 67,100 ballots damaged and damaged are ballots for the DPR RI, "he said.

In addition to the city of Kupang there are approximately 655 ballots, according to Kupang City Commissioner Deky Ballo, damaged due to the same case.

"A number of damaged ballots are in the process of being shipped," Deky explained.

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