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Umuh Muchtar: I have warned Radovic

JBN.CO.ID ■ Persib Bandung's productivity has not reached a level that is in accordance with Umuh Muchtar's expectations. For this reason, he said Maung Bandung still needed some quality ammunition. Two foreign players with attacking characters are recognized by the Persib manager in the shot.

This means that there must be a sacrifice from the current team if they want to land a new player. Because there is only a slot for foreign Asian players left. While in the squad there are now four foreign figures outside Asia, even though Fabiano Beltrame is undergoing a process of naturalization.

"Yes there must be. Someone must be crossed out, but I don't say who was crossed out first. "Bobotoh" and maybe all of them already know who should be crossed out, we will share, "explained Umuh at El Royale Hotel, on Thursday (28/3).

He also said with the trainers to accommodate the allotment of foreign players. Umuh asked Radovic to be fair in maximizing the quota of foreign players.

According to him leading a club as big as Persib is not an easy matter and needs seriousness.

"Yes, I have reminded, I have warned Radovic. ‘Be careful because this is a big club, Persib is not playing games' I said that to him," said the man who is also one of the Commissioners of PT PBB.

Meanwhile regarding foreign players from Asia, Umuh did not want to be in a hurry.

According to him, Persib has several targets but he wants the best to look at 2019 competition.


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