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M Yusuf will again fight in the Asian Weight Lifting Championship

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ A West Java lifter who will represent Indonesia at the 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championship, M Yusuf, said he was ready to break the world deadlift record.

The championship will take place at Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong on 4/21/2019).

Having the ability of a force beyond the average national weight lifters, the name M Yusuf is actually no stranger to achievement sports lovers in Indonesia.

In fact, his ability, he never missed representing Indonesia in the championship abroad, one of them as in the world weight lifting championship in Czechoslovakia in 2017.

For example, in the heavy lifting championship in Czechoslovakia, M Yusuf almost broke the world-class record which is still held by Khazakhstan pelifter, Anuar Ulan, which is 342.5kg while Yusuf is only 340kg.

Even so, when performing at PON XIX / 2016, Yusuf broke the record of the deadlift force of 351 kg, precisely in the 93kg class. So that the opportunity is predicted to be solved even though later he will jump in the 83kg class.

"The last time at PON was 351kg, but at that time I appeared in the 93kg class, now I will be performing in the 83kg class just like when I was at Khazakhstan," he said at the West Java PABBSI GOR, Bandung, Monday (04/08/2019)

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