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Anies Bawesdan: Jakarta is already conducive

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Bawesdan said the current condition of the city of Jakarta was conducive after the mass May 22 incident.

"Alhamdulillah, conditions in the Jalan MH Thamrin area have gradually calmed down," Anies wrote on a Facebook page a few moments ago.

In addition to expressing gratitude, Anies also posted a number of photos during her visit to several locations in Jakarta, including a photo of Middle Anies with Ismail, one of her children this evening.

Anies said this inspection was to ensure the condition of Jakarta remained conducive, while addressing the officers who were still on guard, both the Emergency Ambulance (AGD), the Damkar Officer, the TNI and the Police on duty.

During his visit, Anies examined the Police Post on Jalan Sabang which was damaged by fire.

"InshaAllah, we will soon wake up again and be able to operate again soon," he added.

Appreciation for all who remain on duty when other residents rest. We pray that all who work for the good of this city continue to be given health, continued Anies.

"Hopefully the Thamrin road area can soon be like all other areas in Jakarta that are calm, safe and shady," he concluded.

■ Lukas Sanjaya