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Anies Requests Prayer Support from The Jak Mania

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan will continue to build the BMW Stadium on Jalan Danau Sunter Barat, North Jakarta.

"Keep going, Persija friends don't worry. My Instagram is full. The ones sued were the National Land Agency (BPN), not DKI. DKI has won, "Anies said at the DKI DPRD Building, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (05/15/2019).

Anies felt the need to explain related to the BMW Stadium land dispute. The Governor of Jakarta feels that there are parties who deliberately tackle the DKI Provincial Government's efforts to build the BMW Stadium which will become the Jakarta Persija headquarters.

For that he asked for prayers from The Jak or Persija supporters to be able to dispel things that he considered disturbing.

"I asked for his prayers from Persija, The Jak prayed that such disturbances could shrink later. Help to monitor, there are always those who want to tackle, "he said.

Therefore, Anies hopes, with the help of The Jak, which will also supervise, the construction of the BMW Stadium can be realized soon.

"Help this so that the stadium can be realized for all," Anies said again.

Anies also asked Persija not to worry about the construction of this stadium. He promised to continue to strive so that this international standard stadium could be built.

"Our effort is to build for all citizens of DKI, this is not for small interests," Anies said.

Then he explained, there were only two administrative matters related to PTUN, while the case for the Taman BMW land was legitimate owned by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. That, he said, was based on the results of the District Court decision that was won by the DKI Provincial Government over PT Buana Permata Hijau some time ago.

"So there are two cases in the court, one in the district court where DKI is the opposite of PT Buana. In the district court it was decided that the land was legal for DKI. Then the second is PT Buana through PTUN suing the administrative process at BPN, "Anies explained.

So, he continued, the previous PTUN ruling was only related to the administrative process. However, the material for land ownership has been won and legitimate by the DKI Provincial Government.

"Administratively, it was sued yesterday at PTUN, the BPN will appeal later, not us because we are not defendants," he said.

It was notified, the Panel of Judges of the State Administrative Court (PTUN), had previously granted the claim of PT Buana Permata Hijau regarding the land dispute that was used for the construction of the BMW Stadium in the Papanggo village, North Jakarta.

The PTUN panel of judges granted the claim of PT Buana Permata Hijau for the issuance of the right to use certificate (SHP) by the North Jakarta Administration City Land Office with Number 314 in the Papanggo Sub-District whose plan is to build a stadium for Persija headquarters.

Then PT Buana Permata Hijau, through the State Administrative Court, sued the administrative process that took place at the National Land Agency (BPN).

■ Tatang Suryadi

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