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Only in Indonesia, when the demo is still performing tarawih prayer

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ Participants in the demonstration demanded the results of a fraudulent election last night to establish the Isha prayer and Tarawih in front of the Jakarta Bawaslu Building on Tuesday night (21/5/19).

In addition, the participants of the action delivered a confession that made goosebumps.

"Isha Prayer 'and Tarawih in front of Bawaslu. Vibrating to hear the prayer of the prayer that is sung by the imam," Ustadz Abrar Rifai wrote on a facebook account on Tuesday (05/21/19) night.

This Ustadz from Malang, East Java also prayed that Indonesia would always be fine, safe and peaceful.

"Hopefully this country will continue to be fine. Actually, we are only asking for justice for fraud committed by democratic losers!" he explained.

Initially the people's sovereignty in front of the Bawaslu Building ran smoothly and orderly. The community follows the action in accordance with the law and continues to negotiate with the authorities.

But then the riots were spared again. The officers fired tear gas, but the smoke broke near the location of the authorities, not about the participants. Wonderful.

They only separated barbed wire. Even some hands have begun to touch barbed wire. There are also those who have begun to climb the concrete wall which at some point surrounds the standing wire.

The crowd continued to sing, "Police, Police Officer ... Don't join the competition!" Brimob with full weapons and shields wrapped around their bodies, their eyes already looked wildly glaring at everyone.

"I am exactly dealing with someone who might be the commander. Actually we are not in conflict with the police. But what we are against is cheating!" Shouted the crowd.

■ Rasty Wulandari