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Regent of Klungkung: Prohibiting People from smoking do not violate human rights

Regent of Klungkung

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ Klungkung Regent I Nyoman Suwirta attended the Anti-Smoking Area Socialization Event at Wantilan Pura Jagatnatha Klungkung, on Thursday (07/04/2019).

Head of the Klungkung District Health Office, Ni Made Adi Swapatni, said that the purpose of conducting this socialization activity was so that the community in Klungkung Regency could gradually stop smoking, by entering the Anti-Smoking Area into the Customary Village regulations.

NI Made Suwapatni also said that on July 11 2019 there will be a World Tobacco Day Celebration which will be centered in Klungkung Regency.

Head of the Eradicated Section of the National Narcotics Agency in Klungkung Regency, Andri Prajitno, stated that the Klungkung District National Narcotics Agency is very supportive of accelerating the Non-Smoking Area.

Klungkung Regent Nyoman Suwirta in his remarks said that the Non-Smoking Area is a Commitment with the aim that young people and families can live healthy lives.

Regent Suwirta expects in its implementation to strengthen the No Smoking Area, in some places filled with announcements of Non-Smoking Areas, for example in the place of work there is a Banner filled with the words No Smoking Area.

Smoking is a health matter, if one of the people smokes will harm the surrounding environment.

"Prohibiting people from smoking does not violate human rights, but allowing others to smoke, we violate human rights," said Regent Suwirta.

"Let's grow our intention and commitment to succeed in the No Smoking Area," invited the Regent Suwirta.

This activity was attended by the Middle Assembly of Pekraman Klungkung DewaMade Tirta Village and Traditional Management of Klungkung Regency.

■ Ketut Ardhika