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Immediate Analysis and Evaluation of Mangrove Damage

Immediate Analysis and Evaluation of Mangrove Damage

JBN.CO.ID ■ 300 hectares of mangrove damage in the Harapan Jaya Beach area, Muara Gembong, Bekasi Regency, West Java, is considered to be a negligence by the Government that lacks attention to Environmental Protection and Management.

Thus, the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Independent Voice of the People's Representative Council (SIR) R. Meggi Brotodiharjo, today, Thursday (1/8/2019) confirmed this.

Negligence, said Meggi, could bear legal sanctions. Because, the Regional Government (Pemda) plays an important role in the management of mangrove areas based on Law No.23 of 2014, regarding Regional Governments categorized as important areas that need to be managed.

The Central Government in Jakarta, said Meggi, is the party that accompanies mangrove management based on the rules and guidelines that have been formulated.

"Based on data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, that 70 percent of damaged mangrove areas are outside the forest area, so that this is automatically the responsibility of the local government. So, the destruction of mangroves in the Harapan Jaya Beach area, Muara Gembong is clearly the responsibility of the Bekasi Regency Government, "he explained

Meggi added, the regulation is in line with the regulation of mangrove ecosystem management that the Government has completed from the derivative of Presidential Regulation No.73 of 2012 concerning the National Strategy for Mangrove Ecosystem Management at the International Mangrove Conference held on April 18-21, 2012 in Bali.

"Those who are negligent in managing the mangrove area can be subject to sanctions. In this case, Law Number 32 of 2009 concerning Protection and Management of the Environment and Law Number 5 of 1990 concerning the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems. Therefore, the Regional Government of Bekasi Regency must not be negligent, "he said, firmly.

The Government's target related to the mangrove ecosystem in 2045 outside of 3.49 million hectares is far from expectations. LHK data in 2015 damaged mangroves covering 1.82 million hectares while those in good condition only reached 1.67 hectares. So, the total area of ​​Indonesia's mangroves in the last 20 years has been significantly reduced due to conversion.

Therefore, Meggi added, some things need to be recommended to the Government, among others, to affirm the authority of mangrove management as the authority of the Regional Government, central agencies are enough as coordinators, stop the conversion of mangroves, take firm action and criminalize destroyers and intellectual actors and destruction of mangrove areas protected by the State.

"Immediately analyze and evaluate forestry land to identify forestry issues related to mangroves and immediately overcome the ongoing mangrove problems and synchronize RT / RW with relevant agencies and keep referring to Perda Number 12 of 2011 concerning RT / RW Bekasi. The future mangrove of the world. Hopefully Bekasi Baru, Bekasi Bersih can build mangroves in a sustainable manner, "he concluded.

■ Aisha Syifa