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The most beautiful gift from life teacher

The most beautiful gift from life teacher

JBN.CO.ID ■ Anxious, tense, anxious, a series of feelings experienced by students, especially those who will face a thesis session. Today, the thesis session takes place on the campus of Indonesia's literacy pioneer, STKIP PGRI Ponorogo.

Before the trial, an agitated face was reflected in most students.

"Hopefully it will run smoothly and get the best results," said Nanang, one of the PBSI study program students (Indonesian Language and Literature Education) amid his anxiety waiting for his turn to enter the courtroom (1/8/2019).

The atmosphere was so quiet, all seemed nervous and anxiously awaiting their turn. Thesis testing is not the end of their struggle for four years of higher education. This is precisely the highest point for them to interpret any pleasure from the importance of the struggle.

Sutejo, one of the supervisors and examiners, shows the opposite face of the students. Out of the car he was driving, he seemed to be carrying several books from his work.

"I will give books to students who have successfully answered questions from examiners," he said in front of the courtroom.

When students are surprised, this is the first time they encounter a courtroom examiner who shares a special gift in the courtroom. This is one of the triggers for students to present their best presentations.

"It's amazing, isn't it, sir, not only our supervisor, but the teacher of life for us, happiness is guided by him," said Netty, one of the students who in the guidance of Dr. H. Sutejo, M. Hum. The thesis session, which seemed tense, disappeared for a while.

The most beautiful gift from life teacher

Everyone wants to take home the book "Senarai Aforisme Seorang Ayah", a work of Sutejo that presents various messages of life to a father and son-in-law.

This book was originally used as a souvenir during her daughter's wedding. After students are busy studying various theories relating to research, now after the experiment they will be busy studying and interpreting various valuable messages for all married and unmarried people packaged in books.

The title and results of the student thesis are extraordinary. Thanks to the guidance of professional lecturers, they can deliver them to research accountability meetings. It is unfortunate if it only becomes one of the academic works that is only stacked on the table.

"With students, I am ready to accompany them to develop it into a work, one of which is to be an essay that will be recorded and launched at the most beautiful time," said Sutejo, who was met after the thesis session.

This is proof that STKIP PGRI Ponorogo does not only print professional teachers, but also proficient in writing.

(All Student Guidance Dr. H. Sutejo, M. Hum / STKIP PGRI Ponorogo).

Author: Renita Ayu Komala Sari