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BSMI: Riau Residents Need Oxygen Intake

     BSMI: Riau Residents Need Oxygen Intake

JBN.CO.ID ■ Indonesian Red Crescent (BSMI) asks residents affected by the haze not to leave their homes if there is no urgent need.

Chairman of Riau BSMI, Dr. Arisman Adnan said the Air Quality Index (AQI) data in Pekanbaru on Tuesday (9/24) was still above 500 or dangerous levels. Medically, this condition is not healthy for breathing.

"At the moment the activities of the people outside are still very high. If there is no rain in these two days, then we are predicted that more people will become victims," ​​Dr. Arisman at the Joint Command Post.

Riau BSMI Joint Command Post and a number of other philanthropic institutions on Jalan SM Amin No. 99C Pekanbaru, which just started operating on Monday (9/23), was immediately filled with patients.

Arisman saw that most of the population was not accommodated in some posts that had been made by the government or other humanitarian agencies.

"In general, residents need oxygen intake. Many who come to the post after getting oxygen feel refreshed back home," said Arisman.

Arisman suggested that if residents in the house did not have adequate masks, they could use a cloth that had been moistened. This is because the current smoke condition has entered almost all residents' homes.

He said BSMI gave free N95 masks to every citizen who came to the joint post.

According to him, currently the most needed at the health post is the availability of oxygen and air purifiers. Currently the air purifier for large rooms is up and has to wait for arrivals from outside the area.

"Although many houses and posts need it. At the BSMI Post alone, there are already four families living. We will soon open the second floor within the next two days," explained the University of Riau lecturer.

Before establishing a post, BSMI Riau held a mobile clinic in several districts close to hotspots such as Kampar and Pelalawan.

"After there is a 24-hour post in Pekanbaru, the mobile clinic will continue to run every weekend with doctors, nurses, oxygen and nebulisers. Because many residents outside Pekanbaru also need help," said Arisman. (rls)