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Getting to Know Religious Tourism in Selayar

Getting to Know Religious Tourism in Selayar

JBN.CO.ID ■ Selayar Island is better known as its marine tourism destination. Not wrong, because the area with the nickname Bumi Tanadoang, has a coastline length of up to 600 km.

But who would have thought, the natural atmosphere of the mountains can also be enjoyed in the Selayar Islands, one of them is in the Village Bontomarannu, District Bontomanai.

At some point in the village which is located in the eastern part of Selayar Island, visitors can watch the stretch of the Selayar Island region on the west and east sides.

The natural scenery in the form of valleys, cliffs and seas that stretch to the west and east of Selayar Island, is sure to be a guarantee for you to linger in this place.

This location is familiar with the term Tanadoang Peak. If you want to pass time, enjoy sunset and sunrise, or just take a selfie, this location is the ideal choice. In recent times, Puncak Tanadoang has become the new favorite of local tourists in Selayar.

If you happen to be in Selayar, you can visit Tanadoang Peak. Travel time from Benteng city, the capital of the Selayar Islands, is around 20 to 30 minutes. And don't forget, not far from the Tanadoang Peak, there are historical relics of the Old Gantarang Lalangbata Mosque that you can visit.

The Old Mosque of Gantarang Lalangbata has existed since the 16th century and is one proof of the entry of Islam in Selayar at that time.

■ Aisha Syifa