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Bomb Explodes at Medan Police Headquarters

  Bomb Explodes at Medan Police Headquarters

JBN.CO.ID ■ Medan Polrestabes received strict guard from Brimob forces after the blasting. Meanwhile, the Detachment 88 and Inafis Teams conducted the crime scene.

The bombing took place when a number of residents were taking care of the Police Record Certificate, one of which was for the sake of participating in the CPNS selection.

Dozens of Brimob guard tightly around the Medan Polrestabes after a suicide bombing by an unknown person, on Wednesday (11/13/2019).

The explosion that occurred Wednesday morning at 08:45 was allegedly killed the bombers.

Inafis Team from North Sumatra Regional Police conducted an investigation.

Head of Polri Community Information Bureau Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo said the Detachment 88 Antiterror Police team and North Sumatra Regional Police conducted a crime scene crime scene (TKP) related to a bomb explosion at the Medan Police Station, North Sumatra.

"At the moment the TKP is being carried out by the North Sumatra Detachment and Regional Police. Waiting for the results of further investigations," said Brigadier General Dedi in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/13/2019).

At present, Police Officers also tighten guarding the inflow into Mako Polrestabes Medan.

An ambulance belonging to the North Sumatra Regional Police (North Sumatra Regional Police) was also on alert.

The information obtained was that a suicide bomb blast was allegedly carried out by someone who used an online motorcycle taxi attribute and exploded around the Medan police station.

One body with an incomplete condition was found in the vicinity of the bombing site at Medan's Polrestabes, North Sumatra. There has been no confirmation about the body's identity in question.

The officer said that the suicide bomber claimed that he wanted to take care of the Police Registration Certificate (SKCK) when he entered the Medan Police Headquarters complex.

"Asked where he was going, he wanted to make SKCK," said North Sumatra Regional Police Chief Public Relations Commissioner Pol Tatan Dirsan Atmaja told reporters on Wednesday (11/13/2019).

The police have examined the man before entering the Medan Mapolrestabes complex. In the man's bag, nothing suspicious was found.

"Only books were found in the bag," said Tatan.

The man is wearing a jacket. The policeman on guard had reprimanded for the man to open his jacket.

Many people who want to process the making of SKCK. In the parking lot, the bomb brought by the perpetrator finally exploded.

■ Rehan Sihontang / Foto: Ist

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