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DPR Asks Government to Look for Solutions to BPJS Contribution Polemic

  DPR Asks Government to Look for Solutions to BPJS Contribution Polemic

JBN.CO.ID ■ Indonesian House of Representatives Commission IX member from the Prosperous Justice Party Faction, Kurniasih Mufidayati asked the Board of Directors of BPJS to provide an explanation of the conclusions of the Joint Meeting of commissions IX and XI with a number of ministries on 2 September 2019 in a meeting held with Commission 9 on Wednesday (6/11/2019) ) today.

The Joint Meeting on September 2 concluded that the government had to complete a number of "homework assignments" before raising BPJS contributions

"There were 9 points concluded at the September 2 meeting at that time. A number of "homework assignments" must be completed first by the government before raising BPJS fees, " said Mufida , Wednesday (6/11).

As is known, the government has decided to increase BPJS fees to 100 percent for independent participation. This was stated based on Presidential Regulation Number 75 of 2019 concerning amendment to Perpres Number 82 of 2018.

One that demands further attention, Mufida continued, is following up on BPKP's audit results including the findings of 24.77 million problematic participant data and data cleansing requests.

She admitted, in a Hearing Meeting (RDP) Commission IX of the Indonesian House of Representatives with the Ministry of Health along with a number of bodies, Tuesday (11/5/2019), she encouraged the government to look for other solutions to overcome the deficit of the Health Insurance Fund not with a solution to increase BPJS contributions, especially for PBPU and BP class 3.

Therefore, Mufida requested that in a meeting to be held Wednesday (6/11/2019) today, the Board of Directors of BPJS gave an explanation of the conclusions of the 2 September 2019 Joint Meeting.

"We firmly request that the government be able to find the root of the problem over the polemic of the BPJS Contribution from upstream to downstream in a comprehensive manner, before imposing an increase in fees, we listen to the government's exposure at today's meeting at commission 9," said Mufida.


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