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Healthy Forum Provides Coaching in 5 Selayar Islands Sub-Districts

Healthy Forum Provides Coaching in 5 Selayar Islands Sub-Districts

JBN.CO.ID ■ The Healthy District Forum (FKS) of the Selayar Archipelago Forum visited five sub-districts in the Selayar Islands, using the Bonerate Jaya Motor Boat.

FKS Secretary Muhammad Arsyad said that his visit to the five sub-districts was to provide guidance or training in order to increase the implementation of the healthy district of Selayar Islands Regency in the subdistrict area on the island.

"We begin this training from Pasimasunggu, East Pasimasunggu, Pasimarannu, Pasilambena and Takabonerate Districts," said Muhammad Arsyad, today (4/11).

In addition to the FKS Secretary, the group consisted of sub-district Korwil along with members, as well as the technical team of the FKS Secretariat.

In this coaching, the Secretary of the FKS requested that the core managers of the Healthy District Forum be present, including the leaders, secretaries and treasurers of healthy village working groups, village heads and BPD, the heads of puskesmas or representing and representing community leaders.
"We will carry out this training and training in each sub-district according to the schedule that we have conveyed. Hopefully the implementation of the Healthy District in the Selayar Islands will be better in the future," said Muhammad Arsyad.

Head of the Healthy District Forum Hj. Andi Musrifah Basli expressed his hope that this activity could really be put to good use by the organizers of healthy districts in the sub-districts and villages.

"The organizer of the healthy subdistrict forum and the management of the healthy village working group are as a media to increase the technical capacity of organizing a healthy district, especially related to the preparation of the order and the preparation of report and other administrative documents, including the ability to disseminate and mobilize the community as the main actor in implementing a healthy district," said Hj. Musrifah Basli.

She hopes that in the future the people in our region or environment will be healthier and will be more successful in the coming national verification.

Source: HUMAS