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HIV sufferers in Sukabumi district are increasing

  HIV sufferers in Sukabumi district are increasing

JBN.CO.ID ■ Sukabumi District Health Office, noted the Suspect Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) had an increase that was dominated by men liking men (MSM). The number of HIV suspects has now reached 264 cases.

"From data recorded in the District Health Office of Sukabumi, from 2013 to September 2019 there were 862 cases. Details, 264 MSM, 146 Housewives (IRT), 136 high-risk men, 107 female sex workers, 48 ​​children, 37 children, 37 injecting drug users, 17 women, 14 high-risk couples, 93 others, "Head of the Disease Control and Prevention (P2P) Division of the Sukabumi District Health Office, Damayanti Pramasari told media crews on Sunday (1/12/2019) ).

Even so, Damayanti said, from January to September 2019 only 91 cases were found. From the available data, he added, the highest number of MSM was found, then IRT dropped.

Damayanti asserted, HIV Aids can only be prevented by avoiding sex outside of marriage or risky sex, then being loyal to each other, preventing using condoms, avoiding using drugs by using needles and drugs, teaching partners and friends.

"This is the key," Damayanti explained.

And to prevent HIV in this way, Damayanti Pramasari said, there are five, namely ABCDE which means (A) you fast not having sex before marriage, (B) Being Loyal, (C) Condom means using a condom in sex, (D) Drugs or not using illegal drugs and drugs, (E) Education education and knowledge about the dangers of AIDS.

"So no need to worry if you already know how to prevent the spread of the virus, but don't exclude those infected with AIDS because attention from the environment affects the condition of the sufferer. Stay away from the virus, not the person," he added.

The Health Service does not stop making new cases through outreach in collaboration with the Lensa NGO, VCT examinations for pregnant women in health services, voluntary communities, and workers in the company.

"In addition, we also provide counseling services through HIV counselors who have been trained and provide care for HIV patients who have tested positive," he added.

The DHO also seeks to add health services that are able to independently examine HIV, outreach and counseling for people who have HIV, prevent drug withdrawal, socialization to the community and more intensive cross-sector collaboration.

"We also provide comprehensive and sustainable services and fulfillment of facilities and infrastructure. With various efforts we hope we can reduce this HIV case," he concluded.

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