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President is scheduled inaugurate Jababeka Senior Living D’Khayangan

President is scheduled inaugurate Jababeka Senior Living D’Khayangan

JBN.CO.ID ■ Based on information, including data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2019, as many as 27 million Indonesians are elderly. Meanwhile, the number of elderly living and nursing homes available is very minimal.

Throughout Indonesia, there are 20 plus Nursing Homes and around 250 Nursing Homes for the elderly. If capacity is calculated, the Werdha Orphanage can only accommodate around 2,000 elderly people, and the capacity of nursing homes is around 200,000 people. The ratio between the number of elderly people and dwellings for the elderly is very uneven.

Apart from the problem of imbalance, the Indonesian Care Foundation (YPI) has long conducted a survey by observing and monitoring the development of various types of Senior Elderly Homes or Nursing Homes in Indonesia.

These observations mainly include facilities, activities and services provided to elderly residents.

Based on the results of a survey conducted by the YPI Team, it was concluded that Jababeka Senior Living D'Khayangan is the grandest nursing home with the most complete facilities in Indonesia.

Therefore, this residence is an apartment for the elderly which is located at Jalan Taman Golf Timur I No. 100, Sertajaya, East Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java was selected as the best Senior Living and deserved an award from the Indonesian Care Foundation, from Netherlands.

The award plan was communicated to the Jababeka Senior Living D’Khayangan Management. The luxurious Werdha Orphanage will be awarded as the "Most Luxurious Pension House" in Indonesia in 2019.

Related to this, Jababeka Senior Living Management will hold an event titled "Jababeka Senior Living Rebranding & Giving the Most Luxury Retirement Homes in Indonesia".

The event is planned to take place in January 2020 in conjunction with the Grand Launching Jababeka Senior Living D’Khayangan in front of Jababeka Senior Living members from abroad, such as Europe, the Netherlands and Japan, and members (residents) from within the country.

In addition to members or residents and prospective members, the Jababeka Senior Living D’Khayangan Launching event will also be attended by the Japanese and Dutch Embassies and the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. In fact, in the committee schedule, President Joko Widodo will be present to inaugurate the Jababeka Senior Living D'Khayangan. (rls/Viona)

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