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KPK Agrees to Anti-Corruption ASN Begins During the CPNS Recruitment Process

 KPK Agrees to Anti-Corruption ASN Begins During the CPNS Recruitment Process

JBN NEWS ■ The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) approved the anti-corruption State Civil Apparatus (ASN) can begin with a good recruitment process for Prospective Civil Servants (CPNS), by capturing human resources (HR) who are mentally devoted to serving and prioritizing the public interest.

KPK deputy chairman Nurul Ghufron said asking his party could not work alone in preventing and eradicating corruption.

According to him, the KPK needs to collaborate specifically with the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (PANRB) which has an important role in the preparation of CPNS recruitment system policies.

"The PANRB Ministry in this case provides superior human resources as well as integrating HR in accordance with the hopes and objectives of the Indonesian nation. Therefore HR management is the key to success for anti-corruption officers, "he said in a written statement, Sunday (02/16/2020).

According to Ghufron, if the Ministry of PANRB is able to present the ASN recruitment, education and training system, then the coordination of half the work related to corruption protection can be completed.

Ghufron also reminded ASN that has the position and authority not to commit acts of corruption, ranging from gratification, restoring authority, to bribery.

"The point is that as a state authority which asks for freedom of acceptance, which if diverted objectivity and freedom in providing services," he said. (rls)

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