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50 Kostrad Soldiers Join the Siber Upgrading

JBN.CO.ID ■ Every Kostrad soldier must understand and master information technology, including Cyber ​​technology. That way, we will have the deterrence of threats, disturbances and obstacles and increasingly complex challenges.

This was conveyed by the Kaskostrad Intelligence Assistant Col. Inf Bayu Permana in the mandate read by Pamen Ahli Gol IV in the Field of Science and Technology Colonel Inf. Drs. Heru Dwi Wahana, when opening the Siber upgrading ranks of Kostrad, in the Mandala room, Kostrad Headquarters, Gambir, Central Jakarta, on Monday (03/25/2019).

According to him, as Kostrad soldiers to always be ready, both knowledge and skills so as not to miss the pace of development of communication technology.

"If we master Cyber ​​technology, then the threats, disturbances, obstacles, increasingly complex challenges will be overcome properly," he said.

Furthermore, Kaskostrad Intelligence Assistant Col. Bayu Permana said that this upgrading was an accelerating step to form a reliable cadre of Siberian soldiers.

Not only that, this upgrading can also be useful for improving IT capabilities both in terms of quantity and quality, improving unit image, minimizing reporting errors, as agents / contributors in news coverage. in addition, Cyber ​​can aim to form positive opinions and counter opinions.

The training participants listened carefully to all the material presented by the interviewing team and used the time effectively and efficiently to get a comprehensive understanding.

In addition, participants should not hesitate to ask questions that have not been understood, in order to gain a deep understanding of the essence of all upgrading material, so that they do not hesitate in carrying out tasks in their respective units.

Kaskostrad Intelligence Assistant Col. Bayu Permana advised the delegation team to provide knowledge, practical theory and information on developments in communication and cyber technology to participants, so that trainees were able to understand, understand and be able to absorb the material presented so that it could be applied to support Kostrad's main tasks.

The training was attended by 50 personnel from representatives of the Kostrad ranks, both Kostrad Headquarters, Divif 1 Kostrad ranks, Divif 2 Kostrad ranks and Divif 3 Kostrad ranks.

■ Tuman Jr

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