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Erna Santoso, Film Producer who Loves Orphans

JBN.CO.ID ■ The soap opera producer, Erna Santoso is like not wanting to be far from children. Because of that, Erna has for more than 20 years established the PENA Foundation (Caring for Indonesian Children). Until now it still exists with various social and religious activities.

The artist's mother Ardina Rasti, confessed for years, routinely supports orphans every month of the holy month of Ramadan. Even recently initiated the establishment of a mosque built in a remote village in the Sukabumi area, West Java.

"Actually, I did not do it myself. All of that is because it is supported by donors or parties who care, especially for children. Including in religious matters, the title is breaking fast together and establishing a mosque, "said the woman who had the blood of the Solo Palace, recently.

In 2019, Erna Santoso is trusted to run the 'Visions of Peace Awards' program in Indonesia. While the program, funded by an international organization based in the United States.

"So, PENA Foundation was appointed to run the program, of course with its representatives in Jakarta. The concentration is for children, "She said.

According to him, the program 'Vision of Peace Awards', trying to answer the concerns of parents who want to provide proper understanding of the children about living peacefully.

"Therefore, the meaning of true peace needs to be introduced to children from an early age," She explained.

While the form of the activity is holding poetry making competitions, painting posters and also drawing. From the activities that have been carried out, some of them are in the cities of Bandung, Solo, Serang and Pandeglang (Banten). Hopefully, it can be more effective in the future.


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