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Governor of Bali: Create Many Children, Minimum Four

JBN.CO.ID ■ Because Bali has many uniqueness and specialties in this world, it needs protection from all components of society. Moreover, the Balinese people are obliged to protect Bali as a whole.

The assertion was made again, the Governor of Bali, Dr Wayan Koster in Denpasar, when meeting face to face with academics who also became an expert team in the drafting of the Pergub and Regional Regulations recently.

Koster who spoke at length about his work program which was packaged in a theme SatLoka Dharma Kertih, reminded that what was done to save Bali from the siege of various parties, both inside and outside Bali was carefully calculated. All of this will come about how to preserve religion, Balinese culture and Balinese society.

In Mata Koster, Bali has a lot of special values ​​that other regions in Indonesia do not have. And it must absolutely be preserved and protected, because it is a Balinese ancestral heritage. He gave an example, about population, the ancestors of Bali had declared enough children four people, wayan, Made, Nyoman and Ketut.

Family planning according to Balinese culture must be calculated based on family abilities. So it doesn't have to be two, said Koster. Therefore he will ask the BKKBN Bali to stop campaigning for two children enough. Make as many children as possible, at least four. And there can no longer be a pasectomy.

According to Koster this has violated the rules.

Koster reiterated that there were no laws governing the number of children, he explained. So what BKKBN has done so far about two children is enough, it's just an appeal.

On that occasion, Koster said a number of Pergub that had been launched all led to the preservation of Balinese culture. For example, the Department of Language and Literature in Bali, and the governing body on traditional Balinese attire, all of which are aimed at preserving Balinese culture.

For this reason, he asked the academics who currently sit as expert teams to seriously examine the problems of Bali. Related to that, he hoped that the expert team would study more deeply about the work program he had planned, build Satkerthi Loka Bali.

Koster stated that all forms of Governor Regulations and Regional Regulations that would later be issued could have a wider impact on Bali, especially concerning the interests of women, loka kerthih and so on.

In front of intellectuals who are part of the professors of Udayana University, Koster regrets that until now, this educational institution has not heeded the Governor of Bali's Governor of Bali's Clothing and Adat.

If Unud does not heed the Pergub, I can take action as the Governor of Bali who has the authority to give action to the institution, explained Koster in front of Balinese professors and academics.

 ■ Made Arnawa