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Wilson: Regional Leaders Forum will be held in Bali October 2019

JBN.CO.ID ■ 31st Conference of the Asean Japan Friendship Alumni Association Leadership Council held in Makati, Manila, Philippines some time ago it has been a success.

Of the five resolutions or important decisions that were made at the Conference, one of them was the appointment of Indonesia to host the 25th Regional Leaders Forum (RLF).

The RLF will be attended by no less than 150 participants from 11 countries, namely ten ASEAN countries, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and Indonesia, plus the Japanese delegation.

This was conveyed by President Kappija-21 (Alumni Family of the Indonesian Century 21st Friendship Program), Mulyono Lodji, through Secretary General Kappija-21, Wilson Lalengke, in Jakarta, on Friday (03/15/2019).

"The 31st Executive Council Meeting of the Asean Japan Friendship Alumni Association in Manila has finished, successfully produced several resolutions. One of them is the appointment of Indonesia, in this case Kappija-21, is hosting the Regional Leaders Forum, RLF, which will be attended by "Participants from all ASEAN countries and Japan," said Wilson, who was an Alumni of the Indonesian Japan Friendship Program in 2000.

Wilson explained that according to the agreement taken at the AJAFA-21 leaders' meeting in Makati, the RLF will be held in Bali for 4 days, from the 4th to 7th October 2019.

"According to the Makati Resolution, the RLF activity plan will be held in Bali for 4 days, from the 4th to 7th October 2019. We will work hard to prepare everything so that this international event can run well, smoothly and successfully," he said.

The meeting of leaders at the ASEAN regional level, said Wilson, will be utilized maximally as possible to hold activities that are fostering and preparing candidates for ASEAN young leaders.

He said Kappija-21 was targeting 5000 prospective young ASEAN leaders to attend. The activities were carried out in several cities in Indonesia, involving as many as possible of Kappija-21 Members in various regions.

"The target is as many as 5000 young ASEAN leaders from all over the country and Asean countries," Wilson said optimistically.

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