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Anies Baswedan spoke of RA Kartini's great heritage

AHAD NEWS  The collection of letters posted by JH Abendanon in 1911 entitled Door Duisternis Tot Licht or "After Darkness of the Light" has been able to inspire many people.

Coinciding with RA Kartini's birthday on April 21, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan recalled his great services.

According to Anies, RA Kartini's biggest legacy is not just about trying to teach children around her place of residence, or her initiative to invite carvers to make craft orders. The biggest legacy is in the form of words in the letters.

"Through Kartini's words send her ideas a century ago. Kartini's words inspired, then moved. Until now, the words of Kartini were present in our work," Anies wrote, quoted from Anies Baswedan's verified facebook account, Sunday (21 / 4).

He added, it is clear that words can be muscular, arousing, and have a cross-era impact. Therefore, never underestimate words!

Anies continued his writing, we at the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government are grateful to have empowered women in various lines. Starting from the Economic Assistant to PPSU in the field.

Various important fields are also led by women, such as the economy and finance, health, information technology, governance, human resource development, sidewalk development, parks and urban greenery, MRT construction, child protection and others.

Likewise outside the Provincial Government, we have been assisted by many great women from Jakarta. From village arrangement to providing additional food for school children.

"Women are empowered, advanced in their cities and happy with their citizens. Congratulations to work, Kartini Jakarta !," he said, ending the upload of the article.

■ Truman Jr