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Kostrad soldier gave health counseling at SMPN 1 Garut

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ It is an obligation for all schools throughout Indonesia every Monday to carry out the Red and White flag ceremony.

Likewise also at SMPN, Cisompet Subdistrict, Garut Regency, West Java. Present as Inspector of (Irup) Ceremony First Sergeant Darmawan Eko Putro from Yonaid Raider 303 Kostrad who is carrying out the Republic of Indonesia Pamtas (Border Safeguard) Training in the Cisompet area, Monday (1/4).

Darmawan gave a briefing to 750 students of Cisompet 1 Junior High School, including the recent juvenile delinquency and asked 9th grade students to prepare themselves to face the national exam which would soon be held.

He said, "to the students of Cisompet 1 Junior High School to instill the Pancasila Ideology, where these students are the generation of the nation and ask to always think for the progress of this nation and country," he said.

During the flag ceremony on Monday at the State Junior High School, the RI-Malaysia Pamtas Task Force Raider Yonif 303 Kostrad also carried out health education to approximately 217 9th grade female students of Cisompet Junior High School 1.

The counseling was immediately given by Dr. Rulli Eka Prananda, whose daily duty is as a doctor in Yonif Raider 303 Kostrad.

In the counseling, Dr. Rulli conveyed the danger of free and dangerous narcotics associations to students of Cisompet 1 Public High School.

The students were very enthusiastic to listen to what was delivered by Private Yonif Raider 303 Kostrad during the extension.

Drs. Asep herdiana, M. Pd., Principal of SMPN 1 Cisompet said many thanks to the soldiers of the RI-Malaysia Pamtas Task Force Yonaid Raider 303 Kostrad who had provided health education to students in Garut.

■ Tuman Jr

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