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Mamiek Soeharto Believes that Indonesia will become a just and prosperous country

AHAD NEWS Siti Hutami Endang Adiningsih, the youngest daughter of the late President Soeharto, believes that Indonesia will become a prosperous just country, as aspired by the late Soeharto ...

"I want to deliver greetings from the Soeharto family to the campaign participants, hopefully our struggle to make the prosperous just state come true," said the woman who was familiarly called Mamiek Soeharto at the event in Mekarsari, Cileungsi, Bogor, on Wednesday (03/04).

The campaign was attended by 20 thousand volunteers and sympathizers of number two presidential candidate pair Prabowo Sandiaga. Sandiaga Uno, as always appeared as a mother-and-mother idol who packed the parking lot of the Mekarsari Fruit Park since morning.

According to Mamiek Soeharto, volunteers Prabowo-Sandiaga came to Merkarsari with one sincere intention, supporting the struggle of supporting parties number two, namely to make Indonesia just and prosperous.

"We know that you come here just to want a change in the country you love, hopefully every step of the way, you and father can bless God," said Mamiek Suharto.

The Berkarya Party, a party founded by Tommy Soeharto and supported by all members of the Soeharto Family, in each campaign offered a solution to achieve a just and prosperous Indonesia. Namely, through populist economic development with local wisdom.

The people's economy, according to Tommy Soeharto on various occasions, is the economy of the people, by the people, and for the people. Local wisdom refers to the agricultural tradition in each region and is developed with the help of modern agricultural technology and systems.

Another solution is integrated agricultural development and independent food and energy villages. Integrated agriculture was realized by the Berkarya Party with the construction of Rumah Mandiri in the Sentul area, Bogor. The plan is that the Working House will be built in many regions in Indonesia.

Sandiaga Uno, who also spoke briefly, thanked Mamiek Soeharto and the Suharto family as the organizers of this event.

"But I apologize for not being able to give speeches, because I have to obey the rules," Sandiaga said.

A number of figures attended the event, including former West Java (Jabar) governor Ahmad Heryawan, Hengky T artist, Camelia Malik singer, and a number of scholars, and MC by Andre Taulany and Hesti Purwadinata.

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