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Surawahadi: Promotion has to be accompanied by positive change

JBN.CO.ID ■ Promotion in essence is a form of recognition, trust and appreciation from the nation and state, for their dedication and achievement in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of their assigned positions.

This was conveyed by Pangdam XIV Hasanuddin Mayjen TNI Surawahadi while presiding over the report on the corps of the Hasanuddin Kodam XIV commander for the period of April 1, 2019, taking place at the Hasanuddin Meeting Hall, Jln Urip Sumohardjo Makassar, on Monday (01/04/2019).

Surawahadi said that promotion must be grateful as a gift accompanied by positive changes to thinking that is further ahead, more creative, innovative and productive in working to realize better unit performance.

"The higher the rank a person achieves, the heavier the burden and responsibility on his shoulders," said the Hasanuddin Commander.

The atmosphere of excitement and happiness and happiness radiated to the look on the faces of the soldiers and their families who were on the rise, when the Hasanuddin Military Commander along with other key Kodam officials, gave greetings while shaking hands to the rank-and-file personnel.

As for the total number of ranks of Hasanuddin Kodam XIV who rose in the period of April 1, 2019, there were 922 people, including the rank of 82 officers, Bintara 587 people, enlisted 178 people and civil servants totaling 75 people.

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