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KH Maimoen Zubair Doubt Jokowi Win

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ A 1-minute 57-second video circulating shows a man speaking in a high tone to the cleric from Rembang, KH Maimoen Zubair (Mbah Moen). The man is known to still have a family relationship with Mbah Moen, namely Gus Ishak Lasem.

In the video, it appears that Mbah Moen was accompanied by a Kiai dressed in white on his right.

Meanwhile, Gus Ishak in front of Mbah Moen wears batik. Speaking Javanese and high notes, Gus Ishak stated that he and his friends believed in Prabowo's victory in the 2019 Election. And this time he was ready to move to prove fraud in the 2019 Election.

"Obviously the experience at (2014 Election) was suspected of fraud, only Prabowo was willing (sincere)," he told the Caregiver of the Al-Anwar Islamic Boarding School.

"This is all Mbah ready, it will not be possible to retreat. This is the people's sacrifice. This is if the people a fuss, Mbah," he added.

Based on his belief in Prabowo's victory, Gus Ishak stressed that he would do Mubahalah because it was considered the last and more trusted way.

"Yes that's cheating Mbah, I can prove. This is ready for Mubahalah's oath, this Mubahalah oath is ready for grandpa's grandson," he said.

For information, the Mubahalah oath is carried out by two litigants. They then pray to God that they will cursure those who deny the truth.

In the video, also heard Gus Ishak who repeatedly apologized for delivering a sentence with a rather high tone in front of Mbah Moen.

"I am and group convinced that Prabowo won, did Grandpa believe Jokowi won?" Gus Ishak said. But then Mbah Moen denied Gus Ishak.

"Yes no, I'm also not sure," he said, which meant he was also unsure. After that, Mbah Moen delivered a number of statements but it was not clear.

Meanwhile, the closest person to Mbah Moen, Ahmad Asyrofi or who is familiarly called Arof confirmed the video. "Yes. (It happened) Yesterday Tuesday (7/5) after Maghrib," he said, as released from Gelora. co .

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