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Andre Rosiade: The BPN is sure to win at the Constitutional Court

JBN.CO.ID ■ BPN Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno is optimistic that the lawsuit over the results of the general election (PHPU) 2019 Presidential Election submitted to the Constitutional Court (MK) is acceptable.

BPN Spokesman Andre Rosiade said, in the trial evidence of fraud was allegedly carried out from Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin's team.

"We are optimistic that the Constitutional Court judges really see that we can prove that the February 20-21 Training of Trainer (ToT) is an evil consensus," said BPN spokesman Andre Rosiade in Jakarta, Sunday (06/23).

He hoped that the information conveyed by Anas Nashikin as the executive committee of the witness training of Jokowi-Ma'uf in the trial on Friday 21 June could be considered by 9 constitutional justices. Hopefully the judge can decide fairly.

"We appealed to the Constitutional Court judge in the Annisa Letter, paragraph 135, the Constitutional Court judge could really knock the judge's heart. Once again we remind you that the judge's decision will be accounted for on the Day of Judgment, "said the Gerindra Party politician.

Therefore, Andre hopes that the decision read by constitutional justices on Friday 28 June will give a fair decision.

"The decision of the Constitutional Court judge is not only accounted for in the world," he added.

It is known, the Constitutional Court has completed the trial of the election results dispute (PHPU) 2019 Presidential Election with the agenda of examining witnesses and experts.

The three parties were from Prabowo-Sandi as the applicant, KPU as the defendant, and Jokowi-Ma'ruf as the related party. The Court appreciated the parties who were still able to maintain a family atmosphere despite the debate.

Before deciding on the dispute over the 2019 Presidential Election, the Constitutional Court judge began by holding a Judicial Consultative Meeting (RPH) on June 24-27.

From the meeting a decision can be formulated whether to accept or reject the Prabowo-Sandi claim. The plan was delivered at the presidential election dispute forum on Friday 28 June.

■ Truman Jr