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TNI Help Clean Up Oil Spills in Muara Bungin

TNI  Help Clean Up Oil Spills in Muara Bungin

JBN.CO.ID ■ Hundreds of TNI soldiers and residents helped clean up related oil and gas leaks around the YYA-1 Offshore platform, in the area of ​​Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore West Java (PHE ONWJ) in Muara Bungin waters, Muara Beting, Muara Gembong District.

Danramil 03 / Bungin Branch, Captain Arh Joedi Narto said, the occurrence of oil leaks that spilled up to the estuary, the Kodim 0509 / Bekasi Regency immediately moved actively to assist in the implementation of the cleaning so that it would not have an impact on the community.

"Kodim 0509 asked BKO Battalion 202 / Tajimalela and Yonarmed 7 to help clean up the oil spill with Pertamina and the community," Yoedi said.

Still said Captain Arh Yoedi, cleaning was carried out manually using hoes, and scop.

"We put the oil spill in a plastic bag coated with a sack," he said.

Yoedi Narto said that cleaning will continue until the impact is minimized and does not spread everywhere.

"We will continue to help until we can minimize the worst impact on the environment," he concluded.

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