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Kemensos Sends Aid to Banten Earthquake Victims

 Kemensos Sends Aid to Banten Earthquake Victims

JBN.CO.ID ■ Ministry of Social Affairs  sends aid to victims affected by the Banten earthquake. The aid was transported from the regional logistics warehouse owned by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Bekasi, West Java.

"The total aid of the first phase is Rp 240,935,000," said Director General of Social Protection and Social Security Harry Hikmat, Saturday (3/8/2019).

He detailed the first stage of assistance for the Banten earthquake victims, in the form of 500 tent rolls, 500 blankets, 800 ready meals, 300 side dish packages, 20 boxes of Family Equipment, and 20 thousand packs of instant noodles.

After the earthquake, which was centered in Sumur, Banten, the Ministry of Social Affairs mobilized the Disaster Alert Taruna (Tagana) and 11 Disaster Alert Village (KSB) to assist in the evacuation process of residents displaced by the Banten earthquake which was potentially tsunami-prone.

KSB moves quickly to help evacuate, arrange evacuation routes, ensure they move to a safe location at an altitude, and provide counseling to the evacuation point after information on potential tsunamis has ended at 21.35 WIB

The KSB are Cigeulis KSB, Sumur KSB, Angsana KSB, Pagelaran KSB, Cibitung KSB, Panimbang KSB, Cibaliung KSB, Carita KSB, Sukaresmi KSB, KSB Sidamukti and Labuan KSB.

Likewise, Tagana in other areas affected by the earthquake has also been alerted, namely 37 Tagana Serang City, 200 Tagana Pandeglang, 65 Tagana Serang Regency, 30 Tagana Lebak, 35 Tagana South Lampung, 20 Tagana Bandar Lampung, and 25 Tagana Bengkulu.

■ Aisha Syifa