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West Java Millennial is fond of drinking coffee

 West Java Millennial is fond of drinking coffee

JBN.CO.ID ■ The Tourism and Culture Office of West Java Province held the "Creative Economy Products", Friday (10/18/10209) yesterday, at the West Java Disparbud Arts and Culture Center.

The event was attended by Mojang Jajaka, West Java, the capital city community and artists who are also soap opera artists.

Azis Zulficar Tourism Industry Head Aly Yusca explained, this creative economics degree aims to introduce entrepreneurial business to millennials.

The reason, business in this era has great opportunities for young people. Examples like Kevin and Sylvia, could be an example that has a coffee business.

"West Java coffee in particular, currently has considerable potential to become a business opportunity. As we know, in West Java as a province that has a variety of types of coffee. In fact, West Java coffee has been known abroad," explained Azis in his release , today, Saturday (10/19/2019).

For this reason, said Azis, this is a great opportunity for coffee to become a business of the future.

Besides coffee, at the event, creative products of West Java snacks, such as fried rice, old school food, bandros, tofu meatballs, aci meatballs, pentol baso claw, coffee milk, cakes and so on were served free to visitors present.

While Kevin and Sylvia admit, coffee products sold come from an interest in the coffee business which currently has great opportunities, one of which is various groups who like various types of coffee.

Until now, the coffee business continues to increase sales. Has been opened in several branches, both in Jakarta and outside Jakarta.

"If a generation has an idea to develop a business, whatever the business, do not give up trying to advance the business," said Kevin to encourage the visitors who attended.

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