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Stay Fit Enjoy Life at the Golden Age

  Stay Fit Enjoy Life at the Golden Age

JBN.CO.ID ■ Management D'Khayangan Senior Club held the anniversary of Elvis Presley, the legendary American singer in the year 70, with artist Nia Daniaty, at Hall D'Khayangan Senior Living, Cikarang, West Java, recently.

D'Khayangan Senior Club is an elderly community based on creative activities by its members.

Creative activities carried out, both periodically and temporarily, aim to reduce the increase in the rate of dementia among seniors. In addition, activities carried out together will prevent the elderly from experiencing stress and depression due to loneliness when their children or in-laws work and grandchildren go to school.

The activities offered serve to train and maintain 4 important aspects for seniors, namely the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Also supported by the provision or provision of good nutrition in serving healthy snacks and lunch for seniors.

Programs are tailored to maintain Senior cognitive, affective, and psychomotor functions. Thus making seniors stay active and fit to enjoy life in the golden age.

In addition to services in the form of meeting basic needs, at D'Khayangan Senior Club also provides positive services that can provide entertainment as a leisure time filler. One of them invited national artists.

Like the 85th birthday of the late singer Elvis Presley, a world-class singer in the past, who is famous for famous song warehouses like Jailhouse Rock and Love Me Tender. Elvis's birthday itself actually fell on January 8, but the commemoration event of the elderly idol musicians can only be held on Monday (01/20/2020) then.

The event was even more lively with the presence of singer Nia Daniaty who was famous for the song "Gelas-gelas kaca". The seniors could not help sitting still, they also joined in singing nostalgic songs.

Nia Daniaty was popular in the 1980s. Nia is known for often singing Rinto Harahap's songs. Nia's most popular song is "Gelas-gelas kaca". Nia has also sung several Sundanese pop songs. 

As if forgetting his age, the seniors swayed as the singer Elvis (Elvis of Indonesia) from Bandung sang a number of hits to Elvis Presley. This event is a moment to relive the Elvis legendary songs with the atmosphere of the style of the 70s.

Not only for that day, regularly every month they will hold similar activities. The goal is to make the seniors feel more passionate and meaningful life.

■ Aisya Syifa