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PON Papua Promises Extraordinary Experience

PON Papua Promises Extraordinary Experience

AHADNEWS ■ Countdown towards PON XX Papua 2021 has started. Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, promised a different and extraordinary experience to the Indonesian people because this was the first time PON was held in Eastern Indonesia.

"2021 will be an extraordinary year for Indonesia and the people of Papua. This is extraordinary because for the first time PON is being held in Papua, even in Eastern Indonesia," said Lukas in his remarks at the 362 Days to PON XX Papua Ceremonial in 2021 on YouTube channel. PON XX PAPUA 2021.

The chairman of the Central KONI, Marciano Norman, thanked the PB PON ranks who supported the implementation of the PON Papua which had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He assessed that this PON will be included in the Indonesian history book.

"I express my high appreciation and appreciation to the chairman of PB PON, Mr. Lukas Enembe, along with his staff who are working hard to prepare facilities and infrastructure related to the implementation of PON XX Papua 2021," added Marciano.

"The history of Indonesia will record that this PON faces a very tough challenge because it was implemented in the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Let's make PON Papua 2021 a revival of Indonesian sports towards world achievement," he concluded. (Pen / R-01)