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Indonesia launches the agenda of the Tambora Festival in Mataram

JBN.CO.ID ■ The Tambora Festival, which has been held regularly since 2015, is held under the foot of Mount Tambora on March 29 - April 11 2019. The Tambora Festival is officially launched Monday Night, (03/25/2019).

Various series of activities accompany the Tambora Festival this time and are held in a number of areas in West Nusa Tenggara Province, especially Sumbawa Island. The following is a brief compilation of a total of 27 events held starting on March 31 and culminating on April 11.

Dompu Regency, precisely in Doro Ncanga will be the main venue for the peak day of the 2019 Tambora Festival on 11 April.

At the peak event colossal dance, creative economic exhibitions, culinary exhibitions, attractions for parachuting, regional cultural and artistic attractions will be displayed.

The series of events in Dompu Regency will begin with the Horse Race event (March 31 - April 10), Tourist Bikes (March 31), Cultural Parade as well as breaking the record for most Boiled Corn Muri (April 3), Ngaha Kawiri (April 5), Chirping Mania ( April 6), Color Run (April 6), Trail Adventure (April 8), People's Entertainment (April 9-10), Fashion Show, Art Title and Tambora Coffee (April 19-21).

Sumbawa Regency is also the venue for several events in the 2019 Tambora Festival, including, Overnight in Loka.

This is an event consisting of traditional art performances, where invited guests will be entertained with Sumbawa dances and customs. Then there is a creative economy exhibition that will showcase the typical Sumbawa handicrafts.

Furthermore, discussions will be held with traditional, community and millennial leaders. This activity will be held on April 2-3, 2019.

Not to be outdone by other regions on Sumbawa Island, West Sumbawa Regency will hold the Kenawa Festival on April 13-14 2019. The event consists of camps and team building and cultural attractions located on Kenawa Island.

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