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Kostrad's best soldier raises the flag in the air

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ The action  from the best Kostrad soldiers invited amazement to the people of Bogor who witnessed the exercise.

Using the TNI AD MI17 aircraft, soldiers of the Infantry Brigade Raider 17 Kostrad carried out the Free Military Falls (TBM) training at the Rumpin, Bogor and DZ Air Base at Rumpin Airport, Bogor, West Java, on Friday (29/3).

The TBM training skills (Latharpuan) in 2019 were followed by the Raider Infantry Brigade personnel. 17 Kostrad free fall qualified to maintain the ability of free fall qualified personnel.

The dropping was carried out with 4 sorties consisting of 2 Runs in 1 sortie. This activity was under the direct leadership of the Raider Infantry Brigade Commander 17 Kostrad, Lt. Col. Inf Riksani Gumay.

Landing Implementation: First Sortie 27 jumpers 2 Run led directly by Danbrigif PR 17 Kostrad Colonel Inf Riksani Gumay. The second sortie of 27 jumpers 2 Run was led by Major Inf Ade Kurniawan.

The third sortie 27 jumpers 2 Run led by Colonel Inf Riksani Gumay and fourth Sortie 27 jumpers 2 Run led by Captain Inf Didik.

"It has been successfully raised by the Dharma Putra Kostrad flag and Prakasa Vira Gupti flag measuring 6.5 x 4.5 meters by 8 Brigif commanders The Raiders 17 Kostrad," said Danbrigif PR 17 Kostrad.

 ■ Tuman Jr