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Ferdinand Hutahaen: Above the Paper Prabowo Wins

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ Democratic Party politician Ferdinand Hutahaen said that there were still high numbers of people who had not made their choice based on the survey results because they were still afraid to vote.

Ferdinand Hutahaen considered the people who were afraid to say that the choice was Prabowo-Sandi voters, so on paper the candidate number 02 had already won.

This was conveyed by Ferdinand Hutahaen at the "Common Sense Workshop" at Bulungan Sports Hall, Jakarta, on Monday (01/04)

"When people are afraid to say their choices are 'undicided voters' because they are afraid to say their choices and we are increasingly convinced that we have won. This must be maintained and cared for," he said.

Ferdinand invited Prabowo-Sandi supporters to become spokespersons in the community and convey Prabowo-Sandi's vision and mission and program when leading Indonesia in the next five years.

■ Tuman Jr 

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