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Elections are considered publicly no longer credible, the rupiah is threatened

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ Announcement of the results of the manual counting of the 2019 Presidential Election that will be conducted by the KPU on the upcoming May 22 has the potential to make the rupiah exchange rate collapse.

According to the political expert of the University of Paramadina, Herdi Sahrasad, the 2019 Concurrent Election was filled with allegations of fraud and was deemed not to take place honestly and fairly. Elections are deemed public that are no longer credible given the large number of fraudulent findings that have occurred.

Herdi is worried that this non-credible election polemic will spread to the international community. So, if the results of the presidential election announced by the KPU will win the Joko Widodo-Maruf Amin pair, then world trust will collapse.

The impact, will spread to the weakening of the rupiah exchange rate.

"On the 22nd (May 2019), the KPU forced Pak Jokowi to win, I am worried that because the election is not credible, the rupiah will collapse, International trust will collapse, public trust will collapse," he said in a discussion in Tebet, Jakarta, Thursday (9/5) .

"Imagine if the 22 May announcement that happened, the distrust was very terrible. So that the rupiah declined and debt continued to rise," he continued.

According to him, democratic event held through elections are expected to get leaders who are trusted by the community. So, by having that trust, the economy and the rupiah in Indonesia will strengthen.

"Even though our goal is democracy, it is a democratic party, looking for leaders so that anyone who is elected builds trust, then with that trust, the rupiah will strengthen," he said.

■ Ikhsan Nurdin

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