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KlikGO, the new star of Indonesian Online Business Applications

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ Trending the topic of cyberspace business is currently warm to be a conversation around the industrial era 4.0. What is that? Of course with the advent of stars or newcomers, KlikGO as a multipurpose application that is the work of the nation's children.

KlikGO as the new star of the online application business, really invited awe. You could even say you are too brave to fight in the online transportation business, because you have to deal with giants like Grab, Ojek and others.

The reason is because the online pilot business not only dares to sell online transportation services, but also opens merchandise booths, goods and services that are oriented or business-oriented.

According to Yayan Sofyan as Managing Director of PT Raffy Pratama Mandiri, KlikGO is the first application in Indonesia that combines the concept of application-based service business and social media as a means of communication between users.

So, the rolling of the digital era has made the online startup industry (startup) in the country so passionate, because the people of Indonesia are among the largest users of social media (Medsos) in Asia. One of them is Social Media in the form of Facebook, which has an account of 140 million.

While strong support from policy makers, investors, especially from Jokowi as the President of Indonesia, gave a strong impetus to youth, especially millennials to engage in, trying out an application-based online business.

For KlikGO clearly appear so passionate in the pilot business marketplace presents solutions to various problems, the needs of the people.

Even in a note entitled Indonesian Startup Database of the Creative Digital Industry Society there are as many as 992 application companies engaged in various business sectors.

Yayan Sofyan said that most of the application companies, 522 companies are in Jakarta. Following Sumatra and East Java. Application companies generally only move in single players, for example the online transportation application business Grab, Ojek and Dana in the financial sector. Unlike the KlikGO, it's like a mini human against Goliath.

While the application companies, the owners are registered overseas, but for KlikGO it is purely the work of the nation's children. Of course the millennial executive moves and is centered in the city of Bandung.

Talking about the advantages of an application company, it generally provides benefits that can directly connect producers and consumers, sellers and buyers with cheaper prices, guaranteed quality and fast service in front of users of the online application.

But specifically for KlikGO is a business enterprise that is quite brave, tempting for smartphone users and even with any brand. If it is likened to a mall or supermarket, all the needs of the people are available.

Another opinion came from Dr. Ika Sinaga, former Head of Bappeda Jakarta who is also the supervisor of the Nation's Continuing Generation Empowerment Institute. According to him, the application of KlikGO is one of the driving systems of the Indonesian people's economy.

Can empower the potential, talent capacity, wealth of the people and spread the value of entreprenur independence of the people's economic sovereignty.

In addition to open employment opportunities, promising business fields, the application of KlikGO actually builds synergy, togetherness and mutual cooperation partnerships which then make the people host in their own homes.

In other parts, company management has a power system, application management authority according to the Electronic Transaction Information (ITE) legislation. Then provide broad opportunities for partners, bureaus, agents and vendors to be creative in selling their products.

It should be noted that the KlikGO launcing activity is a collaboration between PT. Raffy Pratama Mandiri and the National Continuing Generation Empowerment Institute (LP-GPB).

Therefore, Dr. Ika Effendy Sinaga as the LP-GPB Trustee stated that current Smartphone users are 70 to 80 percent, namely young people. They are the next generation who will inherit this nation in the future.

Furthermore, GPB LP felt that it was necessary and hoped that the KlikGO training program could become a business opportunity for the next generation of the Nation. That is, the business opportunity to get profit (profit) and also set aside a portion of his income for community social activities.

"But in trying, it is obligatory to cling to ethics, honesty, openness and brotherly brotherhood," concluded Dr. Ika Effendy Sinaga.

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