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Jakarta helps Rp. 60 billion for post-disaster rehabilitation in Sulawesi

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has sent assistance amounting to Rp. 60 billion for emergency response and post-disaster rehabilitation in Central Sulawesi. The Pinembani axis (11 km) one of the inter-village roads that was cut off is now connected again.

This was revealed by Jakarta Governor Anies Bawesdan, yesterday. (6/15)

"Happy to be able to be friendly with Mr. Governor Longki Djanggola along with the ranks of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government today," Anies said through an official personal account on the facebook page.

It has been ten months, continued Anies, since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Donggala Sigi passed, aid came from various institutions, both government and private, to restore the condition of several areas in Central Sulawesi.

"One of them is DKI Jakarta, we have sent assistance amounting to Rp. 60 billion for the rehabilitation of Palu, Sigi and Donggala. Today we are reviewing and seeing first hand the use of the assistance," he said.

The incoming Rp. 60 billion fund has been budgeted into the 2019 Central Sulawesi Regional Budget, divided into two stages, namely the emergency response phase and the rehabilitation phase.

In the emergency response phase the focus is to connect inter-village road access, including Kalawara-Kulawi Road, which is 18 km long and the Pinembani Axis is 11 km long.

Meanwhile the rehabilitation phase will focus on road improvements in the cities of Donggala and Sigi Palu

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's commitment is to help if there is a disaster, so we prepare a budget in the APBD that is possible, and have been coordinated with various parties.⁣

Anies added, this assistance was tax collected from residents of Jakarta. "We feel as one countryman in recovering from the disaster. We are grateful that the recovery in Palu, Central Sulawesi can run quickly," he concluded.

■ Yusuf Sutanto