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Culinary Innovation, PT Sasa Participation for Food and Hotel International 2019

 Culinary Innovation, PT Sasa Participation for Food and Hotel International 2019

JBN.CO.ID ■ PT Sasa inti, a company engaged in food spices which has been engaged in the industry for more than 50 years This company grew, developed and became the leading company producing MNG in Indonesia.

Having the slogan Sasa Melezatkan, Sasa seems to have become a friend of home cooking because it becomes a kitchen spice that provides delicacy for every dish that is cooked and can be used practically so that this brand has become part of daily cooking activities.

Related to this, PT Sasa Inti had the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Indonesian Food and Hotel event, the largest culinary and hospitality exhibition in Indonesia, which will be held on July 24-27 2019.

As a Kitchen Food Brand category, Sasa is certainly not just an exhibition participant, but is also present to contribute to developing innovation in the culinary field.

PT Sasa Inti General Manager of Marketing Albert Dinata said, this event was a forum for Sasa as well as consumers to exchange ideas and thoughts to share innovations.

"Our booth will also be the arrival of our two professional in-house chefs, Chef Kong and Chef Vania, who will do live cooking, which will certainly be very interactive and will give new experiences to visitors who come to our booth," he said.

At this 2019 FHI exhibition, Sasa also wants to share information about various Sasa product variants, as well as live cooking, which aims to prove that Sasa as a pioneer of kitchen spices can be a cooking companion for consumers.

Interacting directly with visitors can give a different experience in cooking, in this case using Sasa spices that are many variants and rich in flavor.

"Sasa is here to serve food practically without reducing the delicacy of the cuisine and making every consumer a chef at home," said Chef Randy Kong, Chef Sasa's Professional in met at the Sasa booth.

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