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First Day of Mabit, Jamarat to Mina Conducive

JBN.CO.ID ■ THE MINISTER OF Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said the conditions of Jamarat to Mina were conducive.

"Alhamdulillah, in Jamarat the normal conditions are not too dense. So the atmosphere is very conducive," said the Minister of Religion, Sunday (11/08/2019).

Lukman said, the flow of pilgrims from and to Jamarat smoothly. Likewise the flow from Jamarat to the location of pilgrim tents in Mina.

"So I see a smooth flow of the movement of pilgrims, not only Indonesia but all pilgrims to and from Jamarat. When from Jamarat here, to Indonesian pilgrim tents, conditions are also good. Thank God so far, smoothly," he added.

Around 17:00 Saudi Arabia Time (WAS), Minister of Religion Lukman along with the delegation Amirul Hajj, Sunday (11/08/2019) afternoon Saudi Arabia Time headed for the congregation to throw the aqobah pilgrimage.

Wearing a suit of koko and black skullcap combined with a batik sarong and black sneakers, the Minister of Religion arrived at Jamarat to perform the hajj pilgrimage by throwing aqobah pilgrimage.

After throwing the jumrah aqobah, the Minister of Religion went to the Hajj Mina Mission Tent. A small drizzle and a rainbow in the sky, accompanied by the Minister of Religion's journey to Mina. Occasionally the Minister of Religion seemed to serve the worshipers who wanted to take a selfie together.

"Don't separate from the group, ladies and gentlemen," ordered the Minister of Religion.

Entering the Muaishim tunnel, Minister of Religion Lukman found the health team was giving first aid to a number of pilgrims who were exhausted and had to get treatment from officers.

"Okay, just tired, you need to rest for a while," said Minister of Religion Lukman encouraged one of the worshipers.

■ Aisha Syifa