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In Lampung, the Police Continue to Patrol Day and Night

  In Lampung, the Police Continue to Patrol Day and Night

JBN.CO.ID ■ Ahead of the President's Inauguration, the Mesuji Police Department, Lampung Province, has increasingly intensified day and night patrols in the border of Labuhan Permai Village, Mesuji District District, Lampung Province.

The location is a vulnerable area bordering South Sumatra Province.

Mesuji Police Chief AKBP Edi Purnomo said that day and night patrols were actually the activities of the Mesuji Police Station ahead of the inauguration of the president of the Republic of Indonesia.

"We are giving direction and inviting the people of Mesuji Regency to actively maintain the situation of Kamtibmas in this region," he said.

He gave directions on the dangers of radicalism, hoaxes or hoaxes circulating on social media and invited all parties not to be provoked by negative issues so that the conditions of the Mesuji Regency in Lampung could proceed safely, peacefully and coolly.

In addition, the Police Chief also conveyed the dangers of drugs and socialized the reception of the National Police.

"If something is unclear, the community can ask Bhabinkamtibmas and village officials directly," he said.

He said that the patrol activity was an effort to get closer between officers and the community.

■ Sofian Anwar