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Residents of Jampea Island Enjoying Hotmix Street, Selayar Regent feels happy

  Residents of Jampea Island Enjoying Hotmix Street, Selayar Regent feels happy

JBN.CO.ID ■ Today, Monday (7/10), the Regent of Selayar Islands, H. M Basli Ali (MBA) visited Jampea Island. The MBA met with residents of Bontomalling Village and Lembang Baji Village in East Pasimasunggu Village, Selayar.

Previously, the MBA conducted a review of the realization of a number of projects that took the budget from the Selayar Regional Budget, and witnessed firsthand the development of roads around Jampea Island.

In addition, the MBA also saw firsthand the condition of the damaged Garassi bridge. While the route is a connecting road between the two sub-districts in the region.

After conducting a review in this area, the MBA also took the time to meet and stay in touch with the Jampea community.

Knowing the MBA came to this village, the villagers were happy. Because, for people in two villages located in the southern part of Jampea Island, it is rarely visited by important officials.

During a friendly visit with the Bontomalling community, the MBA delivered a number of things about the joy of receiving a warm welcome from people on the island of Jampea.

The MBA said that he grew up happily, because in two days on the island of Jampea, he saw firsthand how the community had enjoyed a smooth road. Especially at this time the construction of hotmix roads on this island continues.

The excitement of the MBA makes sense, because this smooth road is one of its promises to people in the two villages that the MBA can prove to the Pasimasunggu Village and East Pasimasunggu Village communities.

"Insha Allah, this smooth road will connect the two districts and I have ordered it to be carried out according to a schedule from two directions, Pasimasunggu Village and Pasimasunggu Timur Village," the MBA said.

At each opportunity, the MBA conveys a number of important messages. According to him, so that people can better understand, how to provide support for long-term development activities.

At every opportunity to meet with the community, the MBA is always apologetic, if there are people or parties who still feel dissatisfied or disappointed because they have not been served.

According to the MBA, he is just an ordinary person who certainly has flaws, said the MBA, known as a leader who looks simple and is very close to everyone Selayar.

The MBA conveys an important message, 'When looking for the perfect leader, disappointment will definitely be felt, because perfect really belongs only to Allah SWT,' the MBA said.

While the Public Relations Government of Selayar Regency, Mursalim told reporters that the working visit in the Jampea Island region, will take place for 3 days with the agenda of monitoring the results of the implementation of the program whose budget is sourced from the Selayar Regional Budget and provides religious assistance.

In addition, according to Mursalim, the Regent also held a friendly meeting with the community to hear input and suggestions from the community.

"Ordinary, the regent's habits are not satisfied if he does not see and hear the condition of the people directly," concluded Mursalim.

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