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Wife Bleeding in the Mosque, Her husband left

    Wife Bleeding in the Mosque, Her husband left

JBN.CO.ID ■ Sad story happened in South Sulawesi. a woman who was bleeding while in the Sirotal Mustakim mosque in Mangalli Village, Pallangga District, on Wednesday, October 16, is now in the public spotlight.

The woman named Nur Pratiwi. She came with her husband named Reo, in the mosque. Allegedly, the couple had a quarrel and resulted in the pregnancy of his wife who was 7 months old experiencing bleeding.

That blood spread on the floor of the mosque, thus making his wife weak and helpless. Unfortunately, as told by residents, the husband ran away when his wife was bleeding and left his wife in the mosque.

"Residents contact me directly. Then I contacted the nearest health center to provide first aid. But it cannot be dealt with so it is referred to Syekh Yusuf Gowa Hospital, "said Mangalli Lurah, Basir, as released by Fajar Daily.

He also revealed, the couple were not residents and settled in BTN RJ Land, Jl Rahimi Tombolo Pate block B No. 2. The identities of both of them were known when their parents, Nur Pratiwi, came to her child at Syekh Yusuf Gowa Hospital, after hearing the news about her child.

"His mother (Nur Pratiwi) came to see her child, she said her child  pregnant with her second child. Her husband doesn't know where he ran off to, "he said.

Luckily, Nur Pratiwi and her unborn baby are currently in stable condition and are still being treated at Syekh Yusuf Hospital. However, the cause of the bleeding was unknown.

■ Editor: Husein Al Fajrie