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Selayar Islands Regent: Alhamdulillah, Economic Growth in 2018 Reached 8.77 percent

 Selayar Islands Regent: Alhamdulillah, Economic Growth in 2018 Reached 8.77 percent

JBN.CO.ID ■ Selayar Islands Regent H.M Basli Ali (MBA) directly handed over priority assistance, in the form of carpentry equipment, workshop equipment, and sewing machines for the 2019 Budget Year.

Assistance was handed over to 45 alumni groups of Selayar Islands District Vocational Training Center (BLK).

The surrender was carried out at the Selopo Archipelago Regent's Occupation Hall, Tuesday (11/26/2019).

Selayar Islands Regent H. M Basli Ali (MBA), advised that the assistance can be put to good use. The role of the group leader is very important in the framework of cooperation in using this assistance, so that all group members can be accommodated.

"The Selayar Islands Regency Government will continue to strive so that the general economy of the community can be further improved," Basli Ali said.
"The government has facilitated, just how the community wants to try. And this kind of assistance has been received by thousands of people who have already benefited from the program that we promised," he said.

According to Basli Ali, in addition to opening up employment opportunities, the Government of Selayar Islands Regency is trying to create increased economic growth.

"Thank God, the economic growth of the Selayar Islands Regency in 2018 touched the highest 8.77 percent in South Sulawesi," he concluded.

Present in delivering the assistance, Administrative Assistant Drs. Dahlul Malik, M.H., Head of Investment, Integrated One-Stop Service and Manpower (PMPTSPTK) Drs. Mesdiyono, M., E.c., Dev., As the implementing committee, as well as a number of OPD leaders and other invitees.

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