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Selayar Regent Will Remove Retribution For Fisheries Industry Investors

  Selayar Regent Will Remove Retribution For Fisheries Industry Investors

JBN.CO.ID ■ Selayar Islands Regency Government, successfully implemented the Integrated Fisheries Industry Business Zone Investment Forum (KIPT) in Jakarta, (09/12).

This activity was opened by the Director General of Strengthening Competitiveness (PDS) of Marine and Fisheries Products, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Dr. Agus Suherman and witnessed by the Regent of Selayar H. M Basli Ali and his staff.

Also attending the investment forum held at the Aryaduta Hotel in Jakarta were representatives from Ministries and Institutions, a number of marine and fisheries companies, potential investors both processing and marketing, representatives of NGOs and media crews.

"I have a mandate from the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to represent him at this important event. Mr. Minister is having an Anti-Corruption Day event, "Agus Suherman told H.M Regent Basli Ali.

PDS Director General Agus Suherman appreciated the initiative of the Selayar regional government who came to Jakarta to promote the potential of marine and fisheries.

This is the same as the direction of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries which emphasizes the need to improve communication with fishermen and the optimization and strengthening of fisheries, one of which is cultivation.

"The problem is that if we want to invest, usually in the availability of land, I heard earlier that the Regent is currently or has prepared a land area of ​​approximately 30 hectares," he said.

Agus hoped that what was done by the Selayar Regional Government was followed by concrete actions with consultations with the Ministries and Institutions so that the forum would not just stop meeting.

He also mentioned that the opportunity to allocate Selayar marine and fisheries development resources is very open as long as they are seriously communicated and planned.

Meanwhile H.M Regent Basli Ali expressed his gratitude for the attendance of the forum participants including the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries who had sent PDS Director General Agus Suherman, as well as representatives of investors and NGOs. What he thinks is relevant to the future KIPT needs.

"The idea of ​​KIPT was born because all this time the value of Selayar fisheries resources has been enjoyed by fishermen from outside. Selayar fishery business did not develop because more was sent to other regions, "said H. Basli.

"With this KIPT, we hope to provide economic benefits to the Government and Selayar residents. We also do not want the existence of this KIPT, so the Selayar people are marginalized, they must be part of this, "he explained.

To potential investors, Regent H.M Basli Ali provides guarantees for the future of the business in Selayar. To succeed KIPT, he does not hesitate to give sanctions to his aides if he is not serious in providing services to investors.

In addition, it will also remove levies for investors to facilitate the investment climate.

■ A. Lolo / Dimas
■ Foto : Dok K Azis

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