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Bambang Widjojanto: Let's fight for all for a better nation

JBN ■ Bambang Widjojanto as the Chairperson of the Prabowo - Sandiaga Legal Team in the dispute over the results of the presidential election claimed to be prepared for whatever the decision of the panel of judges over their application.

He ensured that the entire team was confident that the application on the arguments submitted would be granted.

"Indeed, my face does not show ready to accept the decision? It must be ready," Bambang said at the Constitutional Court Building, Jakarta, yesterday.

The man who is familiarly called BW hoped that the judge's decision would be fair to all parties. As an applicant, the decision of the judge becomes an improvement and at the same time is accepted by the defendant and related parties.

"We hope that the Court will arrive at a decision that is not win-loose, but win-win. Win-win in the other sense wins, but system improvements must be encouraged," BW said.

BW and the team would like to thank the entire community and supporters who followed the session until the fifth stage.

Whatever the verdict later, he said, the dispute between the two political camps that still appeared to be at war was over when the judge knocked out his decision next week.

"Our job is to minimize the potential risks that arise from the factions and frictions. This must be done, for example, those who win do not be arrogant, the losers do not force themselves. Let's fight for all for a better nation," he stressed.

■ Trihaganee 

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