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Maigus Tinus, Hard Worker Ready to build Solok

  Maigus Tinus, Hard Worker Ready to build Solok

JBN.CO.ID ■ Maigus Tinus expressed his determination to advance in regional elections in Solok Regency in 2020. He is increasingly popular now, along with the iconic Chicken Pillar "Kukuak Balenggek Arosuka" in Solok Regency.

Behind his simple appearance, it turns out Maigus has a great concept to develop Solok Regency.

Like what?

Maigus Tinus Jambak Manti Batuah, born in Nagari Talang, Gunung Talang Regency, Solok Regency, West Sumatra, on May 26, 1977. He is the son of Amir Bey Datuak Marajo, and Yuramlis' mother, born and raised in a strong family and religion and upholds high regard traditional Minangkabau values.

Armed with the experience of leading a national-scale company, and frequently visiting various regions throughout Indonesia, meeting and discussing with regional heads was a source of inspiration for Maigus to move forward in the 2020 elections.

Andalas University Alumni, Padang, West Sumatra, in 2001 is now a Public Occupational Health Safety Specialist, Partner of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower.

Since married to Kartika Ningsih, this plamboyant man has been blessed with three children. They are Raihan Fajrial Hafiz (8 years), Aira Sabia Kanaya (5), and Mikayla Saqueena Salsabila (2.5).

What prompted Maigus Tinus to take part in the Solok regional elections in 2020?

Maigus Tinus said, to build a large Solok Regency, all elements need support. Including private sector investors. Because, the Solok Regency budget is very limited.

According to him, support from these third parties will accelerate development.

For this reason, the Secretary of the Solok Regency Family Association (PKKS) is very intensive in conducting socialization to the community. Support continues to flow along with intensive communication with a number of political parties in Solok Regency.

There have been three leaders of the winning party Pileg in Solok Regency welcomed Maigus with open arms. Solok Regency DPC Chairman Gerindra, Jon Firman Pandu, Solok Regency DPD Chair, Ahmad Rius, and Solok Regency DPC Democratic Party, Agus Syahdeman, said Maigus as a figure with great intentions to build a better Solok Regency. That, can not be separated from the gait of Maigus all this time.

"Solok Regency really needs a figure of a hardworking leader who is able to optimize the existing potential. I judge, Maigus Tinus will be able to boost the people's economy which is currently very far behind from other regions," Ahmad Rius said.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Solok Regency DPC Democrat Party, Agus Syahdeman believes Maigus will bring changes to the Solok Regency in the future if he is believed to be in the lead.

According to Agus Syahdeman, it is time for Solok District to be led by young people and hard workers. Because if our region does not have a new breakthrough and only relies on the existing APBD, then the progress of Solok Regency will be slow.

"Solok Regency has a very wide area and has many superior natural resources, especially agriculture and tourism. But the problem is we still lack Human Resources, especially in the direction of policy. If you want the Solok Regency to change, the community must also support that change. alone, "said Agus Syahdeman.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Solok Gerindra Regency DPC Party, Jon Firman Pandu rated Maigus's figure as an adult. Both in the economic and social fields.

"Having a number of companies in Indonesia, and having large corporate clients, the figure of Maigus certainly cannot be doubted. The brilliant concept, is believed to be able to provide an extraordinary leap for the Solok Regency going forward," he said.

The stronger his support, Maigus became one of the big magnets in the Solok Regency election in 2020. Maigus was touted as the ideal leader "now," because besides being young, he was also considered intelligent and polite.

Author ■ Rijal Islamy
Editor ■ Dimas