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6 Chinese Citizens Arrested by Immigration Gorontalo

AHAD NEWS The Gorontalo Immigration Office secured 6 foreign nationals from China.

This Chinese citizen was secured because he had violated his residence permit in Gorontalo. Because the foreigners were found working as gold miners in Pohuwato Regency.

Head of Gorontalo Province Law and Human Rights Regional Office Agus Subandriyo said, 6 Chinese citizens were suspected of abusing visas. They only have a visit visa, not a work visa.

"From their records they entered Indonesia on March 14. We suspect they blame visa permits while in Indonesia, "Agus explained, today.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Gorontalo Immigration Office, Soeryo Tarto Kisdoto, added that the Immigration Office maintained their human rights during the detention period.

6 Chinese citizens are now secured at the Gorontalo Immigration Office. The Immigration Service will also develop the case. There are allegations that the arrival of 6 tourists working at the gold mine has been financed.

"If in the inspection there will be Indonesian citizens who help them commit immigration violations, it will be processed according to the applicable law," he said.

Previously, 6 officers from China were secured by officers during the operation held on Friday (3/22/2019) in Hulawa Village, Gorontalo.

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